What Makes Franchise Marketing Unique?

Marketing experts need to actively continue to educate themselves on the latest trends and methods in order to find success. Even those who believe that they're up-to-date with general marketing may find that they aren't as informed when it comes to franchise marketing. Franchisees have to market their businesses in very specific ways. If you're a current or potential franchise owner, then here are a few things that you absolutely need to know about franchise marketing.

It Is Especially Localized

When franchisees invest in a franchise, they are opening a business under the name of an established brand that has found previous success. Because of this, much of the early marketing work has already been taken care of. Customers or clients in your area may already be familiar with the name of your franchise.

While the challenge of establishing name recognition isn't always a hurdle to get over, franchisees have to go the extra mile to create trust with and gain attention from their unique communities with local marketing. The success of a franchise often comes down to how a location is seen by local residents. Garnering reviews for your specific location are key in marketing a franchise. Many customers are more inclined to leave reviews when they believe they've had a negative experience. This means that franchisees must go out of their way to achieve positive reviews.

There Are Rules to Follow

Because franchisees operate under a larger brand, they have to do right by that brand. To ensure consistency in how a business is viewed across locations, some franchisors have marketing regulations. Some franchisors will be more strict about these than others, but failing to comply with franchise marketing rules could result in a franchisee breaking the terms of their franchise agreement.

Your pre-made franchise marketing strategy may include items such as standardized logo and poster information. They may have preferences or advice for which channels you decide to market your business through. According to Statista, in 2021, Google was the largest digital ad publisher in the country. With this in mind, you could be asked to consider investing in digital marketing.

Communication is going to be essential for your franchise marketing strategy. If you decide to hire a marketing company, such as Silvercrest Advertising, then the status of your local marketing is made clear. You'll be able to clearly understand your marketing performance and business growth and be able to communicate that to your franchisor as needed! Reach out to us today to get started.