The Unexpected Dangers of DIY Marketing

If you want your business to gain more exposure, both online and offline, then it's best to turn to experienced professionals. Starting a marketing campaign on your own puts you at risk of pitfalls big and small. Here are just a few dangers that you face when you decide to DIY your business's marketing.

You Risk Wasting Time and Money

Your money and your time need to be spent in an extraordinarily calculated way when planning a digital marketing strategy. Effective marketing takes a while and requires significant resources to produce the desired results. Looking for workarounds in the system or taking shortcuts could actually mean losing time and money in the end. According to Statista, in 2020, internet marketing accounted for 51% of total media ad spending. Use your digital marketing budget to consult with seasoned experts who know how to avoid beginner's mistakes.

You Could Hurt Your Brand's Image

When you don't know the ins and outs of marketing, then you're likely to make mistakes that could damage your brand. This rings especially true for those business owners who spam users with advertisements online or attempt to cheat Google's algorithm by hiding keywords on their sites. Unethical or distasteful marketing tactics will not only create a negative reputation for your business locally but could even hurt your Google rankings.

Franchisees need to be particularly aware of their marketing efforts. When franchise owners seek to market their businesses, they are operating under a larger brand. It's important for franchisees to comply with franchisor marketing requirements and do what they can to maintain a positive brand image.

You May Lose Interest Early On

An effective marketing plan doesn't take place overnight. You need to be constantly monitoring and evaluating data and taking appropriate action. Busy business owners and managers have other, more pressing responsibilities than making social posts or taking on email marketing campaigns. Some DIY marketers begin to market their business, create a few social posts, and then let their accounts go stale. This isn't a good look - and if you weren't using productive marketing techniques in the first place, then your outlook is bleak. Call in marketing professionals now so that you can prioritize what matters for your own day-to-day.

DIY marketing is never worth the risk. A marketing team like Silvercrest Advertising knows what steps to take and when. Our tried and true tailored marketing solutions will get you where you want to be.