Local Marketing vs. Global Marketing: What's the Difference?

Businesses in the digital age have to market their products and services in vastly different ways than they used to. You, as a business owner, are no longer competing with the shops across the street, but with many companies near and far that can be easily found by customers online. Luckily, there are plenty of professional digital marketing tools that aid in getting the right eyes onto your organization. Some are easier to manage than others.

Without the proper information, taking it upon yourself to create a marketing strategy could result in poor results and funds lost. Though it's simple to begin using available marketing tools, you have to properly understand the audience that you are intending to market to and how to best reach them. Should your business be thinking big in terms of its marketing strategy? Or should you be aiming for the local crowd? Let's understand what global marketing and local marketing are before diving into which would be best for you.

What's Global Marketing?

When it's stripped down, global marketing can be described as advertising that could appeal to and be found by a wide range of people. The messaging used is generalized and typically in English. This method of marketing is beneficial for businesses that don't have a physical location and can provide goods or services to people far and wide.

It is also ideal for companies with a larger marketing budget or business owners who find themselves offering more niche products or services. If you are one of only a few businesses offering something, then people from around the globe will be interested in purchasing it. Global marketing helps to increase awareness of your business on a larger scale — though it's important to remember that you may be a small fish in a big pond.

What's Local Marketing?

Local marketing is significantly more concentrated as it focuses on a smaller group of people. The strategy targets consumers that reside within a specific radius of your business location. Because of this, it has also been referred to as "neighborhood marketing." By making the most of local marketing, your business can tune into a particular demographic near you that is actually likely to invest in and enjoy your products or services.

To properly market your business locally, you have to have an in-depth understanding of what potential customers near you are searching for online. This is where a marketing company comes in. They'll be able to ensure that your messaging is effectively tailored to its desired audience.

Why Local Marketing Is Probably Right for You

Google and other search engines can promote your business to a number of people, effectively getting visitors to your site. In fact, according to Statista, Google was the largest digital ad publisher in the country in 2021. However, if those finding your site aren't local and likely to utilize your services, then you're out of luck. By using targeted language and strategically adding geographical information about your service area to your website, you are more likely to reach your intended consumer base.

When people search for businesses like dentist offices, home contracting firms, and more they want to be able to find companies close by with reviews from people with similar wages and lifestyles to themselves. Consumers trust local businesses that understand their wants, needs, and budgets. Letting them know that you are this type of business through direct and local digital marketing will result in an increase in profits for your company.

Where to Begin With Local Marketing

As with other forms of marketing, local marketing requires you to research potential markets, gain an understanding of your ideal markets, and reach out to professionals for maximum results. One of the main differences would be the specific tools that you or a digital marketing agency would use while moving forward with your campaign.

Researching Potential Markets

A professional local marketing agency will be able to use tools that provide specific information about where you should be directing your marketing efforts. When it comes to global campaigns, where your website visitors live doesn't make much of a difference — you solely care about increasing traffic from all corners of your country or the world. With local marketing, however, you need to know where you will be targeting. Just because your business may be located in one town doesn't mean that you shouldn't strategically try to reach customers from neighboring towns.

Understanding Your Ideal Markets

In order to better understand your market, you have to paint a picture of your demographics. What age range(s) are you hoping to gain attention from? Are you marketing higher-end services tailored to those who can pay a bit more or should you appeal to people who don't want their services or products to cost an arm and a leg? Where specifically does your demographic reside? You can decide to target more than one demographic at a time.

Reach Out to Professionals

Without tried and true industry experience, the results that you have will be limited. Investing in professional guidance from an expert team like Silvercrest Advertising prevents you from making common beginner's mistakes. A marketing agency knows precisely how to gear your efforts in the right direction. Silvercrest Advertising uses tools like our local marketing territory analysis map to gain further insight into your website's visitors.

Once you've gathered the necessary details, you and your expert marketing team are reading to execute your campaign. Learning what website optimizations and social media marketing are effective will take a bit of time and you may need to readjust certain aspects of your campaign. That being said, it shouldn't take too long before you start seeing the desired results. For more information about how your business can take advantage of local marketing, be sure to reach out to Silvercrest Advertising today.