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How Google Paid Search Can Help Your Franchise Marketing

Using Google PPC to Meet Your Business Goals

Everyone knows that Google rules the world, particularly in terms of helping customers find your franchise business. But the question is why and how to use it to the best of your ability. The overall advantage for paid local search is clear: reach customers who are directly in market looking for your services.

But some of the more advanced components enable a more nuanced and strategic approach. Google allows - be it single franchise location or multi-national businesses - to drill down to affect change on an individual location basis regardless of organizational size. Often other agencies will tell you that this is too laborious to implement and track. But that's not true. Programmatic creation and execution enables - both franchise brands and franchisee locations alike - splitting budgets and targeting individual campaigns for each of your franchise locations.

This is a perfect and easy-to-execute local marketing campaign for any franchise brands or location in service industry, such as auto sales or detailing, medical services, repairs services of any kind, restaurants, banking, and personal care services. It's also great for seasonal industries looking to make the most of busy season and stay active during slow months.

Some of the most obvious advantages are geo-focus on a particular location, small budgets, tight focus on capacity daypart, niche terms, ability to manage and tweak daily, and enable an easy way to target lead generation or e-commerce. All of this can be handled using programmatic implementation and AI-generated optimization, eliminating the need for a knowledgeable digital media manager to oversee individual campaigns.

All of this can result in a high ROI. And that's really the end of the story.