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How Display Advertising Can Help Your Franchise Find New Customers

Digital Advertising Helps Build Business

Online advertising is essential to any effective marketing campaign, regardless of whether you are a franchise organization, a franchisee, or an independent local, regional, or national business. That's not new news...clearly!

Unless you are in the digital marketing world, even sophisticated marketers don't have true insight or understanding into digital display and some of the ways to make it even more effective.

First and foremost, an effective franchise brand campaign, enables consistent and scalable brand awareness. Traditional forms of media, namely broadcast, print, and out-of-home, can be expensive both to create and purchase. Display advertising is financially one of the most efficient vehicles available. It might not be as flashy as a Super Bowl TV spot or a prominent highway billboard for your brand or franchise location, but it can probably drive more traffic. Moreover, once you dig in, there are sophisticated ways to use media to improve effectiveness and find new and lapsed customers.

Targeted site selection is one of the most instinctive ways to hone-in on where you believe your target audience would be seeking information. There are website rankings and lists of top 100-500 sites based on traffic and industry, from which you can select relevant sites. But this is a blanket approach.

There are more nuanced ways to help your franchise brand either on the zor or the zee level. Here are the most effective:

  • There are persona-based segmentations that your franchise brand or franchisee location can leverage to tap into your target audience's demographic and psychographic characteristics.
  • Geo-fencing franchise locations and delivering mobile-based display ads to those in your area or your competitors', coupled with look-back audiences that can identify those in those same areas going back 3-6 months depending on your digital provider, can target actual local foot traffic.
  • Contextual targeting can serve up display ads inside content that meets your brand's criteria and your franchisee's ideal customer base.

All of these digital display targeting tactics can not only identify new customers for existing franchise or local business but also be essential for announcing new store openings and new offers, enabling businesses to focus on the person and not just a blanket approach.

Can your digital marketing partner give you this level of insight to even the most local franchisee digital display campaign?