We aggregate data from premier partners to provide the best and most accurate information across all categories. From demographic information to location and digital data, Silvercrest works with the top data providers to leverage over 300 year’s worth of experience. The data is aggregated in LMap allowing you and your brand to have simplified access to the world’s most sophisticated data sets, with 14,000 data points, upon which you can also layer on your own sales data for specific targeting and robust reporting. This facilitates a more holistic view of your customer base and advanced territory analysis, by layering on additional data it expands the understanding of the customers’ profile.

Plus, our unique relationship with the USPS, provides us with real-time CASS certification, merge/purge capabilities, duplication, identification, NCOA, as well as Intelligent Mail Bar Code Creation, both for Offline to Online Media Activations based on mail delivery notifications from the USPS. Providing you with access to the largest database of consumer addresses in the country, making 1:1 communication not only feasible but also immediately accessible.

Silvercrest can combine all of your marketing technology needs with one platform.