Our Barcode Solution allows you to scan Barcodes that are part of coupons or loyalty programs. Creating a digital scanning solution when your POS can’t. Create unique or even one-time bar codes from within our system, and provide scanning even without a POS system. Layer on your client customer data to create advanced offer segmented campaigns, offer testing, loyalty programs, territory assessment, customer journey programs, or grand opening programs. And leverage our discount management system for advanced tracking and segmented offer delivery, all from within LMap.

Best Practice Alert: If a barcode is not redeemed on a postcard and it has an expiration date on it, we have the ability to send an e-mail 48 hours before the expiration date so that you can remind them.

Pro Tip: Include the coupon (new barcode of course but same offer) to track the effectiveness of the additional touchpoint. The second individual barcode will allow you to track the media channel.

Silvercrest can combine all of your marketing technology needs with one platform.