Eliminate the need for multiple vendors, you can print everything on demand with no warehousing fees.

Corporate documents, to menu boards, from table tents, to posters. Grand openings are also made easy with opening soon, now hiring, and now open banners to welcome the public. Invitations, store flyers and doorhangers, specialty products and apparel, promotional items, holiday graphics, limited time offers, and even totes, bags, outdoor canopies, balloons, signs and buttons.

The templates are programmed to ensure that information appears exactly as desired, with a multitude of variables feasible, either pre-programmed or open-ended, and customized approval workflows, ensuring brand standards are maintained.

Programmatic multi-location administration is a key feature of LMap. Your artwork can be programmed to ensure brand standards are met, then enable it to be localized, with pre-set quantities and pricing and shipping information updated in real-time.