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Franchise Development can be a difficult process. From site selection to identifying possible franchisee candidates there’s a lot of detailed work to be done. Our dedicated franchise development team has over 15 years in identifying specific targets in relation to development utilizing market-based demographics in all types of locations.

LMap can provide:

• Maps of locations complete with competitors

• Heat Maps of similar transaction data

• Reverse IP advertising

• Identify Potential Franchisee Candidates

• Create unique territory, by zip code or unique polygons

• Site selection analysis

Plus, create a Franchise Communication Hub:

Email, Texting, Conference calls… there are so many different methods of communication that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Create a Corporate Communications Intranet that also houses all of your other useful marketing needs, so it’s all in one centralized place. You can post important updates, new menu items, LTO information, new creative available to the network in LMap.