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Silvercrest was founded in 2011 by William Rodriguez and Ryan Gesler who realized a growing need for franchises to access marketing and media efficiently, teaming up to create Silvercrest, an agency dedicated to delivering brand solutions for franchise and multi-unit organizations with the combination of proprietary technology, customer data, marketing needs, and media buying, harnessed in one sophisticated yet simple platform: LMap.

Gregory Cook, President & CEO
Cook brings with him 10 years with the International Franchise Association, and more than 14 years in the franchising space overall. A Certified Franchise Executive, Cook has a solid understanding of the franchise business model and is intimately familiar with the challenges most brands experience as they grow their footprints.

Ryan Gesler, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
As Co-Founder and the technological backbone of our firm, Ryan is the prime mover of all tech-driven solutions. Leading a team of talented professionals, Ryan drives customer solutions and LMap integration.

Silvercrest can combine all of your marketing technology needs with one platform.